Last week is here already!

I posted 7 pics this morning. I have been behind in posting since April, and I thought time would never catch up with me, but here they are already — last week’s photos. I’ve caught my tail!


Version 2

(7/23/17) The “Southside Sprint” is a day-long series of bike races through our neighborhood.  It’s the second half of the Big Waters Classic, which begins with the “Rondo Rush” in St. Paul a day earlier. There are some very good bikers in these races, and it’s fun to watch them buzz around and around a 3/4-mile route near the 48th and Chicago Ave. area in south Minneapolis. At 2:30, there’s a kids “race”. My two intrepid grandchildren are seen above mentally preparing for the start.  Svea cranked around the course with the same game-face you see here, while Otto scooted his pedal-less glider bike while his dad ran along trying to keep up. Both kids enjoyed getting a medal at the end and were even more excited about the free water bottles.

Version 2

(7/24/17) Filling the ammo tank in preparation for soaking Gramps using the blue and red weapons in the foreground. 


(7/25/17) Columbia Golf Course in N.E. Minneapolis

Version 2

(7/26/17) The Happy Hour group met at LUSH in N.E. Minneapolis this week.  Lori shows how she feels about Claire’s color choices, while Krista and Ron prefer to avert their eyes.


(7/27/17) Life on the Mississippi

Version 2

(7/28/17) Roger is looking good as he hits his second shot on the 15th hole at the University of Minnesota Les Bolstad Golf Course.


(7/29/17) Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis


Who needs Sturgis?

On our way to eat lunch at The Anchor Fish & Chips in Northeast Minneapolis today (it’s great, by the way), we stumbled on a neighborhood motorcycle show called the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show on 13th Ave. NE just east of University Ave. This neighborhood has kind of become Hipsterville over the past few years and I like going up there to view cool people as they go about their lives in their natural habitat.

After our tasty and satisfying fish & chips, we wandered over to the motorcyle festival. There were a lot of interesting bikes, of course. But as they say in unsuccessful job interviews, I’m more of a “people person”.

The Grain Belt was flowing, the tattoos were glistening in the sun and I snapped a few photos. They pretty much speak for themselves, so I’ll shut up now. Next year, I’ll spend more than 30 minutes there.

(All photos by me – Steve Date)

The spectrum of hipnicity

I want this shirt

OK, I had to put in one motorcyle picture

And finally — It ain’t over ’til the bearded lady scratches.