Minnesota’s Newest Immigrants

The stoic Datermark family begins a new life on the frontier.

Emily, Kyle and Peet (the Datermarks) arrived in Rochester, Minnesota on Wednesday last. Much like the Joad family of “The Grapes of Wrath”, they came with only what they could fit into and onto their car. The newlyweds from New Jersey have bravely embarked on a new life on the Minnesota prairie. After a long day on the road traversing the Appalachians and the eastern midwest, they spent two nights in Chicago, thankful for the shelter and sustenance provide by the Dervos family and glad to spend time with sister Lauren.

Emily gets rid of the old to make way for the new.

But seriously, they’ve bought a great house. Mrs. D and I spent Thursday and Friday down there, helping a bit with the beginning of the transformation process. It mostly just needs cosmetic work on the walls and floors, though, so it’s going to look great soon.

First coat of the new colors in the dining room

We’ve seen them four days in a row now, which feels kind of strange. It’s great to have them only 84 miles away, after so many years of Emily living in the east. I know it’s hard for Kyle’s family to have him so far away, but I hope they can visit often.

First lunch at the homestead, using pretty much all the furniture they have right now. The rest of their stuff is in a moving van somewhere. Nobody knows yet when it will arrive.

Kyle begins his residency at the Mayo Clinic tomorrow morning. This is very exciting, not only for the two of them, but for all of us in both families as well. Good luck to Minnesota’s newest residents! We’re so proud of you.

To see more photos of the new house, go to my Flickr page here.

Peet and the goose welcome visitors to the House of Datermark.

Datermarks Gather in Minnesota

It’s been a busy week here in Lake Wobegon.  Emily and Kyle found out a couple of weeks ago that they’ll be moving to Rochester because Kyle will be doing his residency at the Mayo Clinic.   Emily came home to Minneapolis for spring break. After visiting Lauren in Chicago last weekend, we looked at houses to buy in Rochester on Tuesday.

Kyle, Peggy and Bert flew in on Friday morning to join the house-hunting.  We had a very nice weekend together.

E & K found a couple of houses they liked and decided to make an offer on one of them.   It will be presented to the sellers tomorrow (Monday) so we’ve all got our fingers crossed.

Stay tuned!

Also, I’ve  started a project that I’ve been thinking about for a long time — Photo of the Day.  I want to shoot at least one photo each day for as long as I can make it. I started on my birthday, so it fits nicely with the “58th Year” theme.  Here’s the website for that http://web.mac.com/stevendate/Site_6/Welcome.html

Sandy, Bert, Emily, Kyle, Peggy, Steve -- many of the Datermarks!