The Easter Beagle strikes!

I hadn’t really paid much attention to Easter for a long time, until last year, when a cute basket from Lars and Evelyn Ramgren showed up on my doorstep. It had potatoes and and onion in it (which I gobbled up immediately) and it was very colorful and nice. I was glad to see that the tradition now included good, healthy food, because all we ever got when I was a kid was candy.

But today a very mysterious thing happened. I got a text message on my phone saying that the “Easter Beagle” had struck. Wow. I had no idea what that meant. I thought and thought about it, but couldn’t figure it out. So I cranked up my computing machine and goggled it up on one of the internets. Apparently there was a documentary film called “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown” made a while back. I hadn’t seen the film, so I asked Peet (Emily and Kyle’s dog) who is an expert on canine flix. He said, “WOOF!” and went straight to the front window. He knew what was going on.

Peet eyes the Easter Beagle booty.

Imagine my delight at finding a basket full of not only root vegetables (which this year included radishes and a carrot in addition to the traditional potato and onion), but a Santa Claus Pez dispenser, some Halloween SourBats AND Valentine conversation hearts!

Last year, the Ramgren kids were very nice to me. They apparently took a year off this year, but a very thoughtful and generous beagle picked up the Easter torch and brightened the day of a lonely old man and his (daughter’s) dog.

Wait a minute . . . . I wonder if the basket is really for Peet? hmmmm . . . .