Photo a Day for Week #6 (no politics this week!)

Here are my 7 photos from last week, week #6 of 2017.  I’ve decided to take a short break from complaining about President —–.

You’re welcome.


(2/5/17) A successful day of Valentine making.  (They each did one for the other parent, too — no favoritism here.)


(2/6/17) I drove through my old neighborhood and thought about how damn lucky some kids are compared to others.  Pretty cool to have this in your yard, huh?

Version 2

(2/7/17)  There used to be dozens of movie theaters in St. Paul.  Now there are exactly TWO, and this is one of them. The Grandview Theater and the Highland Theater are both owned by the Mann Theatre Company.  The Grandview opened in 1933.  The interior has retained much of its original charm, however the balcony was walled off and turned into a smaller second floor theater.  It’s still a great old place though, and one of an endangered species of  older neighborhood movie houses. I hope these two remaining St. Paul gems can hang on.


(2/8/17)  Lake Calhoun feeds into Lake Harriet through this half-mile channel.  It’s been so warm lately that most of the ice is gone.


(2/9/17) This bridge over on I-94 in downtown Minneapolis was designed (sort of) by Frank Lloyd Wright.  I qualify that because it was built from some of his drawings from 1937 and adapted to fit this curving bridge.  I think a lot of people don’t even realize that it’s a Wright design. (This is not a great photo, but then again, not all that bad considering I shot it out the car window on my phone while driving down the freeway.)


(2/10/17)  Centennial Lakes park is one of those places you drive past all the time without really taking the time to explore.  When we finally did stop for an hour today and walk around, we realized that it’s really nice — especially considering its location in the middle of a suburban office park and very near Southdale, a big and busy shopping mall.  A string of ponds provides good skating (skate rental available).  Those strips of grass in the foreground are part of a funky natural grass putting course that skirts the water.  It’s kind of like mini-golf, except this course requires actual golf skills.


(2/11/17)  Near St. Anthony Main, across the river from downtown Minneapolis.  They can’t be called Christmas lights in February, but I think I like them even more at this time of year.