MinnPost Minnesota Rural Youth Project

I do occasional video reports for MinnPost.com, an online news website here in the Twin Cities. This year MinnPost received a grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation to do reporting about young people in small towns and rural areas of Minnesota.

Rural Minnesota: A Generation at the Crossroads is being structured in 6 parts. Former Minneapolis StarTribune reporter Sharon Schmickle is writing stories for each section. Crowd-sourcing expert Jeff Severns Guntzel is working with groups of young people do do reports. He’s also using Social media such as Facebook and Twitter to keep an ongoing dialogue going throughout the year.

Welcome, Minnesota (pop. 721) is one of the towns I visited for the MinnPost Minnesota Rural Youth Project (photo by Steve Date)

I wasn’t available to be part of the first group of reports in April, but I made two videos that ran in MinnPost this week. Each group of reports has a theme. The second go-round was about technology and connectivity.

One video features Jayden Grupe, a 25-year old business executive in the small town of Welcome, Minnesota, near the Iowa border. You can see that video here.

Jayden Grupe is the Operations Manager for Easy Energy Systems, which manufactures modular ethanol-making systems (photo by Steve Date)

The second video is about four high-school student who attended the state FFA convention at the University of Minnesota a couple of weeks ago. Click here to see that video.

18-year old Jaclyn Dingels from Redwood Falls raises ewes. Jaclyn is one of the subjects of my FFA video. (photo courtesy of Jaclyn Dingels)

If you know of a young person (14-25 years old) living in a small town or rural area of Minnesota who might be a good subject for a future report, please let me know. We have four more rounds of reports this year and we’d like to feature young people from all over the state of Minnesota.

You can email me at steven.date@yahoo.com