God Club results in unlikely entry in the Jonah Project

Becky, one of my friends at work, is a Christian — but she’s one of the good ones. We started having little conversations about our differing beliefs a while back. Occasionally, one of us would give the other something to read and then we’d get together and discuss it. We started calling this “God Club”. Sometimes it’s fun and lighthearted. Sometimes it’s stressful.

Becky lent me a book a few months ago called “The Unlikely Disciple”, by Kevin Roose. It’s about his experience spending a semester at Liberty University — Jerry Falwell’s ultra-conservative college in Lynchburg, Virginia. Roose decided to enroll there for one term and write about it from his more moderate christian perspective.

I read the first couple of chapters of the book, but before I got around to finishing it, Roose announced something called “The Jonah Project”, giving out free copies of the book to the first 500 pairs of people who wrote in and offered to read it, discuss it and send in some sort of joint response for his website. It fit perfectly with God Club, and since I never turn down a free anything, we signed up.

After some good talks (and a few obnoxious comments by me), Becky had an idea to try to write a joint poem, explaining some of what we had talked about. She did most of the work and she did a great job. “The Rooster” thought so too, and said some nice things about the poem on his website. Here’s our poem and some kind words from Kevin (we’re project #10).

“The Unlikely Disciple” really is a great book — a quick, interesting and thought-provoking read. We had a good time (mostly) doing the project. Thanks Kevin, for the book, the project, and the nice comments. Looking forward to your next book.

Becky — looking forward to the next God Club. I’ll try not to be obnoxious.