So I’m not perfect . . .

. . . in case you were wondering.

I’m not sure how I missed two days of shooting photos during Week # 20, but if they’re not there, they’re not there.  I thought about trying to pull one over on you, the viewer, and sneak in a couple of shots from other days, but then I realized that I’m pretty much the only one that cares and I already know the truth.

So here are my 5 photos from the week of May 14 – 20.


(5/14/17) I was riding my bike over one of the bridges on Minnehaha Creek just before sunset and I saw this guy fishing. Since I happen to know that the number of fish in the creek is about as close to zero as you can get, I stopped and asked him the obvious question.  He answered, “Because I live across the street and I’ve never tried fishing here before.  It’s such a nice evening, and I just decided to walk over and give it a try.”  Can’t argue with that.


(5/15/17) Bird’s eye view of our robin’s nest (see May 8 photo) reveals a couple of  little ones doing what they do until it’s time for Mom to push ’em out.


(5/16/17)  I can’t remember if she’s pushing him or trying to not get kicked, but they’re both smiling.

Version 2

(5/17/17) It got very dark very quickly as a storm blew in from the west over Lake Harriet.  But somehow the light caught the side of this canoe, carrying two furiously paddling fisherman across the lake.


(5/19/17)  Here’s what kind of guy I am.  I made an impulse buy to get the SAME FRICKIN’ CAR as I had — only a different color and with no dents, dings, scratches or dirty seats and carpet. You gotta admit that it’s definitely a chick-magnet muscle car, though.

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