Photo a day from Week #18 of ’17

Here’s a photo from each day of Week #18.


(4/29/17)  OK, I know this is a strange pick and an uninteresting photo, but it shows milestone for me. After putting off learning the “new” version of Final Cut Pro video editing system (FCPX) for a couple of years, I finally bit the bullet and put my nose to the grindstone (my old adult ESL class would have had fun with those two idioms) and figured out the new program enough to finish a video project for MinnPost (computer on the left). I was forced into this because my old program (FCP6) would not work with a second camera’s format that I used for the shoot. This feat may not sound like much, but believe me that being able to use the new program has lifted a great weight from my shoulders and brought me into the modern world of video editing.


(5/1/17) May is here, we’ve gotten some rain, and spring colors are popping.  This is part of the Peace Garden near Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.

Version 2

(5/2/17) Otto is happiest when he’s either operating a machine or watching one. (Maybe some day he’ll figure out what the handles are for.)

Version 2

(5/3/17) The trees across the street from our house show beautiful fall-like colors when backlit by the setting sun.


(5/4/17) Here’s another photo that’s more about the story than the image itself. Karen notice this light bulb in a gutter on the garage when she reached up to clean it out. A little detective work revealed that a critter of some sort (aka squirrel) chewed it off our heavy-duty string of lights on the nearby pergola and deposited it in the gutter for safe-keeping — to eat later, maybe? This is either very clever or pretty stupid, depending on who you ask.  But if the perpetrator is reading this, I have one thing to say . . . “YOU are dead meat if we catch you doing this again.”


(5/5/17) My friend Aaron Westendorp (who I’m making a documentary film about) texted me this morning and said he’d been asked to introduce author and host of “Democracy Now” radio and TV shows, Amy Goodman, (a friend of Aaron’s) when she gave a speech this evening at Augsburg College in Minneapolis.  Never wanting to miss an opportunity to film Aaron in action, I made it over there to shoot his on-stage intro of Amy and was able to get some comments from Amy about Aaron. This photo is from the book signing after the show. Amy and co-author Denis Moynihan are in the foreground and Aaron in the center of the photo.


(5/6/17)  The Frette Family makes its usual strong showing for a roofing party at Karen’s dad’s place in Cambridge, MN.  Only one person fell off the roof, which they tell me isn’t too bad.

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