Trying to catch up

I’m getting a little behind in keeping my New Year’s promise to myself to shoot and post a photo each day. (Shooting – yes.  Posting – late)  I’m going to blame the new President of the United States for this, because he and his yes-people have been sucking a lot of my mental energy over the past few days. I’m going to have to figure out a way to get my retirement work done with the current regime in power.  Right now, it’s tough. Before too long, it will be golf season.  I hope that by then I can concentrate enough to get myself to the course and play.

Here is a photo from each day last week (Week 5).


(1/29/17)  Quiet! — Artists at work.


(1/30/17) It was 7:30 PM, and I hadn’t gotten around to taking a photo for the day yet.  I took off out into the darkness, and luckily, there was a hockey game at the neighborhood park. Three things I noticed: 1. These kids are good skaters, 2. There were at least as many adults watching as there were kids playing, and 3. Quite a few of these guys are girls.  It was very fun to watch. (And yes, she scored!)



(1/31/17) Minneapolis is know as the “Mill City”, but several other communities could also claim that title. Minnehaha Creek starts at Lake Minnentonka and meanders for 22 miles before it floes over its famous waterfall and then into the Mississippi River.  In the 1800s, there were several milling operations on the creek.  Just before the creek enters the city of Minneapolis, the Edina Mill Dam still slows down the water and widens the stream to a small lake.  Edina’s picturesque Browndale neighborhood is named for the prominent Brown family’s farm.  According to a sign in the little park where I shot this picture, “In the late 1800s, the Browndale Farm was a vast campus of buildings and a significant employer in the area.  Its cattle and progressive farming methods made it famous.  Visitors and dignitaries from around the region and overseas came to admire its operations. Central to the farm’s success was the neighboring Edina Mill, which gave access to high-quality grains.”


(2/1/17)  Summit Avenue runs westward from the Cathedral near downtown St. Paul all the way to the Mississippi River.  This section of the river is considered the only “gorge” on the enter river.  High bluffs on each side provide stunning views.  This park at the end of Summit Ave. on East River Road offers some great walking trails.  When I took a geology class field trip here as a teacher about 20 years ago,  I also learned that the sides of these cliffs are great places to find fossils.


(2/2/17)  Dan Berg invited me to breakfast at Curran’s, a pillar of the Kingfield neighborhood. Our paths have crossed occasionally in recent years, but we haven’t sat down and talked in a long time. I first met Dan and his wife, Welcome Jerde back in the ’90s, as very active parents in Windom Open School community, where I was teaching.  Their daughter Hannah has now graduated from college and is pursuing a career as a filmmaker.  Their other wonderful daughter, Julia, was in my class.  She passed away tragically in 2005 at age 15 — in what turned out to be the result of mis-diagnosis by the medical professionals who were treating her. Dan, Welcome, and Hannah have been able to recover as well as any family possibly could from such a loss. There are many reasons for why they are so strong today, but Dan attributes a lot of it to their decision to embark on a mission to educate doctors about this issue, and through their University of Minnesota Lectures, actually change some practices and procedures in the medical community.  It was great to see Dan again, have some laughs, catch up on news, and remember Julia. 

For more about Julia’s story and Dan and Welcome’s journey, go to their website here



(2/2/17) Just before sundown on the south shore of Lake Calhoun (“Bde Maka Ska” in the Dakota language). The downtown Minneapolis skyline is in the background.


(2/3/17)  Apparently ice kiting is a thing now.  These people were having a good time on Lake Nokomis.  Maybe I’ll give it a try — as soon as I get some skates and a kite.

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