twenty three on the twenty third

Thank you to my family.
Thank you to my friends — then and now.
Thank you to Anne S.
Thank you to the Thursday evening meeting at First Universalist.
Thank you to whatever and whomever helped me to give up the fight and finally get better.

May we all gain the wisdom to know the difference between what we change and what we accept.

This is not a day for congratulations for something accomplished, but a day to be grateful for what I’ve received.

Here’s to one more day.

I need a little Svea in my life

SveaI haven’t written a blog post in a year now. No excuses, but it’s time to start doing this again.

Svea June Cedermark, my first grandchild, arrived on the planet Earth 7 months and 19 days ago. I want you to meet her.

Everyone thinks they have the cutest grandchild in the world, but come ON, people, is there really any doubt here?

Emily and Kyle with Svea on the first day of her life

Emily and Kyle with Svea on the first day of her life

I don’t have the words to adequately describe the kind of joy she brings to everyone around her.


I don’t think any grandparent every gets to see their little ones as much as they wish they could, so I can’t complain. But I love every minute with her and can’t wait to see her again in a few days.


IMG_0724Svea is beauty.
Svea is love.
Svea is hope.

When my days seem dark, I look through my photos of her on my computer and her light illuminates my face with happiness.

Thank you, my little Sweetie, for shining your light. I hope some day I can repay you.

See you soon.