365 Moments

I like to make photographs. But quite often, after an initial quick look, they get forgotten in my computer’s photo library.

I want to change that, so I’ve decided to make an effort to find and post one of my old photos each day. My motivation for doing this is strictly selfish. I want to make myself take the time to find one visual image that I’ve made, stop and say, “I think that one turned out OK”, and think about a memory it brings. I’ve started putting them on a website I’m calling “365 Moments”.

I’m not sure if I’ve got 365 good ones, but I’m going to give it a shot. My choices will be arbitrary — random looks at days from the past, with no regard to subject matter. I’m simply looking for photos that grab my attention.

I started doing this daily on August 1st, and now have enough photos posted to start sharing them with you. Perhaps they’ll help you connect to a memory of your own, who knows? Click here to view the ones I have up so far.