57.5 – but who’s counting?

Today marks the end of six months since I started this blog. My first entry was on my 57th birthday. Since then, I’ve posted 40 times. Sometimes other people look at the entries, sometimes not so much.

I called it “The 58th Year”, so if I keep it up for another six months, I’ll have to think of a new name. I’m open to suggestions.

I also set a goal to shoot and post one photo every day. So far, I’ve been successful in doing that. The quality of each day’s photo is not always great, but it’s been a valuable exercise for me. I now have at least one memory for each day of this six-month period. The sum is much greater than the parts. You can see my Photo of the Day page here. I’m a little behind on posting photos for the past few days, but I’ll catch up soon.

For me, photography serves two purposes pretty well. 1. It helps me remember. 2. It makes me pay attention to things. I’ll keep doing the photo-a-day thing for a while because I like it. There have been many days when I’ve made myself go out and shoot something, just because of this project. I’m always glad I did.

I know blogs are a self-serving endeavor, so take this thing for what it’s worth. I’m enjoying doing it and I like sharing my thoughts and photos from time to time, whether there’s one reader or many. I’ve featured some of the people, places and events that I care about. Sometimes, readers write and tell me they care about those things, too. That’s nice.

OK, on to 57.5 plus one day . . .

1 thought on “57.5 – but who’s counting?

  1. thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos – you inspired a creative side i had been neglecting – and you have seeped into our family – we find ourselves talking about “sweet light” – and we can’t drive a certain part of the city without seeking out those guardians of good health – your carefully selected photos and well-crafted writing ring true to me – keep it up!

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