Turkeys Take to Tangletown

As Mrs. D. and I were beginning an evening bike ride tonight, we noticed a gang of four turkeys foraging their way through a yard on 52nd St. just west of Nicollet Avenue. I had heard people in the neighborhood talking about seeing turkeys, but this was my first encounter with these wild beasts.

Tangleturkeys eating their way down West 52nd St.

These magnificent examples of Ben Franklin’s choice for our national bird decided to cross the street (without looking both ways) and visit the family that lives at 111 W. 52nd St.

Big birds engaging in risky behavior.

I'm not sure if they've been invited by these residents or not.

Maybe there's a barbeque in the back yard. Watch out!

What’s next for us? Moose? Elk? Rattlesnakes? Raccoons? Bunnies? Squirrels?

Tangletonians, get your guns. Thanksgiving is not far off.

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