It’s nice having Emily back in Minnesota

On graduation day in 1999, Emily received a letter from the University of Virginia saying that she had been accepted from their wait list. It was one of those life-changing moments. UVA had been her top choice and we were all thrilled that she would be going to such a beautiful, prestigious college in a wonderful part of the country. I knew I’d miss having her around for the next four years, but any misgivings about that were entirely blown away by the fact that she was going to be able to have a life experience such as this.

Emily and Peet show me their secret cave in Whitewater State Park

She did come back to Minneapolis for a short time after college and had an apartment in northeast Minneapolis, but then went on to be a teacher in New York for the past five years. Now she’s back, living in Rochester — new husband, great dog, new house, new life. She’s happy — and I’m liking it a lot. Last Friday I drove down to help her do some work around the house. We didn’t get much accomplished, but it turned out to be a great trip. She decided that since they were planning to come up on Sunday anyway and Kyle had to work Saturday, she and Peet would ride back with me and spend the weekend.

Emily and Peet looking down at the swimming beach at Whitewater

We had a nice lunch together on a patio in downtown Rochester. Then we stopped at Whitewater State Park on the way to Minneapolis for a little hike. It was beautiful — the scenery, the conversation, the time together. I’ll never forget that day, because it was at that park that I really realized how nice it’s going to be to have these kinds of opportunities after 11 years. Kyle’s residency is four years and I know there’s a good chance they’ll move away again after that, but I’m going to cherish these times and never forget how lucky I am to have Emily, Kyle and Peet in my life for a while.

Peet and I went for a walk at Lake Harriet on Saturday. He seems to like Minnesota.

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