The Daters make their mark at the Charlottesville Marathon

Sunday, April 18th was a great day for both Cedermark and Date families. Emily and Kyle, along with Cederbrothers Craig and Andrew and Andrew’s friend Carianne all finished the race with very respectable times.

No pre-race jitters here. This group exudes confidence. (L-R) Craig, Carianne, Andrew, Emily, Kyle

Emily was the first of the crew to break the tape in a little under 4:20 (the clock doesn’t reflect an accurate time due to a clogged starting line situation). I’m so proud of her! What an accomplishment.

Emily Date -- a winner by any standard.

The Datermarks have inspired me to dust of the running shoes and get off my ass and out in the fresh air. Emily wanted to know if I’d be interested in running the Twin Cities Marathon with her in October. How could I pass up an opportunity like that? Younger daughter Lauren is in, too. So I’ve got some work ahead of me, but October 3rd is going to be quite a day.

Now we just have to talk Kyle into running, too.

Newlyweds Kyle and Emily -- the Datermarks -- looking good at the finish line